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COVID-19 update

Smeg Foodservice - COVID-19 update

To all our customers, business partners and Foodservice community, we hope you and your families are all well and safe. The last few weeks have been particularly challenging for our industry; we have been strictly following Government and Health Authorities guidelines regarding hygiene standards and social distancing, including “working from home” whenever possible. The health and wellbeing of our customers, business partners, broader community and employees remain our first priority.

Particularly now, we wish to confirm we are here, we are fully operational and we wish to do everything we can to support our community in the best possible way.

  • All our sales and service teams across the country are available and at your disposal.
  • Our operations are proceeding as per normal, including warehousing, product deliveries, after sales support.

Our service team is at your disposal for support, in particular regarding two recommendations on our products, in case they are not used for a prolonged time:

  • Dishwashers: we recommend emptying the chemical lines for detergent and rinse aid in order to prevent chemical crystallisation and thus damage to the dosing system.

To do this, please remove the chemical hoses from the detergent and rinse aid containers, immerse them in a container with clean water and flush the system with water; empty the dishwasher completely and leave it open. Please ensure the chemical hoses are placed into the containers before restarting operation of the dishwasher, with the red hose in the detergent container and the blue hose into the rinse aid container.

  • Reverse osmosis systems: the system has to remain ON and connected to water and electricity at any time. This ensures the system is automatically rinsed and that there is no contamination.

If this is not possible, the system must be shut down, through the use of a disinfection / cleaning cartridge and the use of hydrogen peroxide; in this case, the system has to be flushed before restarting operation.

We remain always at your disposal and we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the support and trust in our products and operations.

Your Smeg Foodservice team