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SMEG Foodservice division designs and produces solutions for the professional catering sector, for use in restaurants, hotels, canteens, industrial kitchens and wherever efficiency must join the highest reliability and operator safety.

SMEG Foodservice presents its new Steam Heat Recovery SHR+ system, featured in its Topline series dishwasher HTY520DH, which has gained the important SMART LABEL award for innovation in the hospitality sector, promoted by HOST - Fiera Milano in collaboration with

The new system drastically reduces the amount of steam coming from the dishwater at the end of the rinsing cycle, using it to heat the incoming water. This leads to noticeable savings in energy and, above all, safer and healthier work places for operators, who are no longer “blasted” by steam every time they open the dishwater.

 In standard dishwashers, during the final rinsing, water is heated to high temperatures for the hygiene of the tableware. The steam coming out of the dishwasher disperses in the room and is unhealthy. Efficient, reliable and eco-compatible, SHR+ recovers the steam created during the washing cycle in only 40 seconds.

 How it works

Steam forming in the washing chamber flows into the steam recovery unit placed at the back of the dishwasher. A ventilator pushes it into contact with water pre-loaded in the machine and circulated through an auxiliary hydraulic pump. The water comes down as rain, heating as it comes into contact with the steam below, with up to 30% energy savings.


Savings in running costs, with lower energy consumption, and ease of installation are just some of the benefits of using SHR+ technology. Steam recovery is beneficial for the operators’ health, as they work in room with a pleasant temperature and no humidity. The system ensures that tableware is dry at the end of every wash cycle.

The Steam Recovery SHR+ system improves the functionality, efficiency and effectiveness of the Capote HTY520DH dishwasher, in a new interpretation of the SMEG philosophy that reunites innovation, technology and design in a synthesis of Made in Italy excellence.

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