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Multifunction Ovens

Maximum versatility and ease of use for the new SMEG multi-function ovens

Advanced technology, high performance and accurate designed: the new Smeg multifunction ovens represent the excellence of Made in Italy. Dedicated to gastronomy combining maximum versatility and ease of use. Designed and developed to ensure reliability and cooking uniformity, they meet the requirements of restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

The innovative built-in Refractory Stone (available on some models) make Smeg multi-function ovens suitable for baking bread, pizza, breadsticks, cakes as well as pastries, while the Convection and Static functions ensure optimal cooking results on meat, fish and vegetables.
On top, thanks to the Grill function, you can perfectly grill, brown and give fragrance to dishes, while the fan function with a lower heating element allows gently cooking or finishing of foods already well-cooked on the surface.

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  • ALFA420MFH-2

    Professional Multifunction Oven in stainless steel, humidified, 4 trays 600x400mm


    Professional Multifunction Oven in stainless steel, 4 trays 435x320mm


    Professional Multifunction Pizza Oven in stainless steel, Humidified, with Refractory Stone, 3 trays GN2/3

products per page: 9 18 view all